Home & Garden: How to Collect Seeds From the Cypress Vine

How to Collect Seeds From the Cypress Vine

The cypress vine is a member of the morning glory family, convolvulaceae. The vines grow along the ground, on trellises and can attach to porch railings and fences. Unlike the morning glory, which has rounded leaves, the cypress vine has red star-shaped flowers. The vine can grow as high as 20 feet

Home & Garden: Interesting Ground Cricket Facts

Interesting Ground Cricket Facts

There are two main kinds of ground cricket: the standard ground cricket and the striped ground cricket. Ground crickets measure approximately 12 mm in length and are found most often in wooded areas and grassy fields. The striped ground cricket looks a lot like the standard ground cricket but with t

Home & Garden: How to Divide a Pineapple Bromelaid Plant

How to Divide a Pineapple Bromelaid Plant

Pineapple plants, a type of bromeliad, make suitable houseplants in any climate and can also be grown outdoors in subtropical areas that don't experience freezing. Each pineapple plant produces a single fruit and fruits only once, though plants may produce additional shoots that later fruit as well.

Home & Garden: How Do I Get My Cucumber Plants to Start Flowering?

How Do I Get My Cucumber Plants to Start Flowering?

Cucumbers are a tropical vegetable that thrives when the weather is hot and water is plentiful. They can dazzle a salad or be pickled to enjoy later, but a gardener must ensure proper pollination, fertile soil and care while growing them. If these are not given the attention they need, your cucumber

Home & Garden: Hosta Landscape Tips

Hosta Landscape Tips

Hostas are extremely cold-hardy perennial foliage plants native to Japan, China and Korea. Most hostas are shade-loving plants and will suffer if planted in full sun. Hosta varieties range from tiny 1-inch plants to huge 3-foot plants with platter-sized leaves, in a breathtaking array of colors and

Home & Garden: How to Keep Chipmunks Away From Planted Bulbs

How to Keep Chipmunks Away From Planted Bulbs

While known to be fond of seeds and nuts, chipmunks enjoy feasting on an occasional garden bulb as well. Once they develop a taste for the bulbs, the animals are likely to return again and again. Preserve your bulb garden by making it more difficult for chipmunks to access the bulbs and by creating

Home & Garden: Diseases of the Paper Birch

Diseases of the Paper Birch

The paper birch is also known as the canoe birch and is a member of the Betulaceae family. This tree is characterized by its lovely white bark and its leaf color in the fall. Paper birch grow to heights of 50 feet or more and grows best in cooler climates. This tree is susceptible to...

Home & Garden: How to Prune a Weeping Japanese Maple

How to Prune a Weeping Japanese Maple

It is important to properly prune a weeping Japanese maple for many reasons. Correct pruning will not only keep your maple beautiful but it will also prevent disease from infecting your tree. For best results, only prune a weeping Japanese maple during the early springtime, unless your tree experie

Home & Garden: Growing Fiddlehead Ferns

Growing Fiddlehead Ferns

Can you imagine growing a plant that grew 300 million years ago and since then has expanded to include 12,000 different varieties? The fern family has that phenomenal lineage. No matter what your geographical location, there is a fern for you.

Home & Garden: How to Grow Watermelon in a Raised Bed

How to Grow Watermelon in a Raised Bed

Watermelon plants need adequate space to grow, but you can grow watermelons in raised garden beds despite the space restrictions. Watermelons can become easily damaged by cold weather, and they can take 80 days or longer to fully mature. Once you have established a raised garden bed, you can begin p

Home & Garden: How To Grow Fenugreek

How To Grow Fenugreek

Although fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) is native to Asia and Southern Europe, the herb is now grown around the world. Fresh fenugreek leaves are used in soups, stews, salads and vegetable dishes. The ground seeds are used as a seasoning in curry powders and a variety of sauces and spice m

Home & Garden: Kinds of Dumbcane Plants

Kinds of Dumbcane Plants

A popular Victorian parlor plant more than 150 years ago, dieffenbachia is still a favorite houseplant. Its common name, dumbcane, refers to the effects of a toxic substance in its sap, stems and leaves. If chewed or ingested, dumbcane is painful and burns the mouths and throats of victims. There ar

Home & Garden: What Is a Black Spot on a Maple Tree?

What Is a Black Spot on a Maple Tree?

Maple trees are members of the Aceraceae family of perennial trees and shrubs. There are a variety of maple trees, such as the sugar maple, silver maple, Japanese maple and red maple. Maple trees are susceptible to several diseases that cause black spots to develop, affecting the health and vigor of

Home & Garden: Varieties of Landscape Yaupon

Varieties of Landscape Yaupon

Widely used across the American Southeast, where it is native, the yaupon holly (Ilex vomitoria) serves a broad landscape and garden design need with its evergreen dense foliage and red berries. Numerous cultivars of this tough, durable shrub exist, growing upright as small erect or weeping trees or

Home & Garden: How to Plant Banana Trees

How to Plant Banana Trees

Bananas tree suckers are potted from mature banana trees to create transplants that are sold in nurseries in containers. Choose a spot in the garden that receives full sun, is not prone to frost and is sheltered from the worst storm winds to plant your banana tree. If your area is prone to temperatu

Home & Garden: Alternative Ways to Grow Potatoes

Alternative Ways to Grow Potatoes

Tasty homegrown potatoes are worth the effort to find growing space.Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty ImagesPotatoes, being the staple food they are, make it to the "must have" list for most gardeners. Unfortunately, growing them traditionally requires a large area and a great deal of soil....

Home & Garden: What Is Potting Soil Used For?

What Is Potting Soil Used For?

Potting soil is the generic term given to sterile planting media commonly used for growing plants at home. Potting soil is an essential component of cultivating plants at home and is used to create a healthy growing environment that provides adequate air circulation, drainage and nutrients to facili

Home & Garden: Small Roses That Can Be Grown Inside

Small Roses That Can Be Grown Inside

Miniature roses are a type of rose bush that produce 1- to 2-inch blooms. They are named miniature roses because they are a smaller version of the floribunda rose. Miniature roses' mature height ranges from 6 to 18 inches depending upon the variety. Because of their size, many owners like to grow th

Home & Garden: California Pear Tree Varieties

California Pear Tree Varieties

The pear, scientifically known as Pyrus communis, is a member of the rose family.pear tree image by samantha grandy from Fotolia.comSweet and crunchy or mellow and soft, pears often have a grainy texture. California pears come in a number of varieties with differing picking times....

Home & Garden: How to Grow Delicata

How to Grow Delicata

Delicata squash, also known as peanut or sweet potato squash, are a variety of winter squash prized for their tender, sweet flesh. Growing delicata squash proceeds similarly to growing any winter squash.