Health & Medical: I Am Not My Stuff Self Improvement

I Am Not My Stuff

In this busy season of the year, we often find ourselves doing the opposite of Thanksgiving.Not because we dont love the people in our lives or because we are not happy, but simply because we have so much going on and so much to do that we forget how much we have to be grateful for.In this article y

Health & Medical: Make Your Weakness Your Strength Self Improvement

Make Your Weakness Your Strength

Half the battle is internal. It's understanding that you're as good as everyone else, and believing that what you may perceive as a weakness is actually a strength. There are very few weaknesses that cannot be turned into strengths.

Health & Medical: EFT for Holidays Self Improvement

EFT for Holidays

EFT for Holidays! By Figen Genco,BA. My EFT sessions with my self start in bed, before even I get up, and continue throughout the day whenever an opportunity to grow and heal presents itself. We, ...

Health & Medical: What Do You Need To Do To Attract Money? Self Improvement

What Do You Need To Do To Attract Money?

Have you ever dreamed that you had enough money to pay off your bills, only to realize that there were more bills there than you thought? This happens to a lot of people and is in part due to the Law of Attraction. When you think of bills and dwell on them, then you will attract more of them. By thi

Health & Medical: The Correct Meaning of Eternal Life Self Improvement

The Correct Meaning of Eternal Life

Truth is that which is never-changing, eternal and living.Because all creation comes from the true existence then all creation is one with the never-changing, eternal and living existence.Yet, humans are against the truth and believe in the false, the existence of 'self'.Therefore the huma