Technology: Authentication Protocol Networking & Internet

Authentication Protocol

An authentication protocol needs to prove the identity of a client without exposing the validation information to third parties. Early authentication systems sent plain text usernames and passwords across networks. These messages could be read by third parties and so authentication protocols had to

Technology: Google Advanced Search Options Networking & Internet

Google Advanced Search Options

Most people don't realise that Google has many advanced search features that give a lot of flexibility over search terms. With the advanced options in Google, users can include specific terms, exclude specific terms and return results from a specific URL. These advanced options allow you to use very

Technology: How to Set Up a Yahoo! Ad Campaign Networking & Internet

How to Set Up a Yahoo! Ad Campaign

Paid or sponsored search is an online marketing process in which individuals and companies buy advertising space on search engines. You create ads, "buy" the keywords that will trigger these ads and specify a budget. As a result, your ad will appear alongside search engine results when someone types

Technology: How to Set Up Sasktel Email Networking & Internet

How to Set Up Sasktel Email

As a subscriber to Sasketel Internet services, you get access to your own Sasketel email account. Access your Sasketel email online through the Sasketel homepage. As an alternative method for checking your email, set up your account directly on your home computer. In order to do this, you must have

Technology: How to Check My Mail From Anywhere Networking & Internet

How to Check My Mail From Anywhere

Some people erroneously believe that they are limited to using their home computer for email purposes. Actually, you can check your email from anywhere. The only thing you need is a device that is capable of interacting with your email server. Many common devices come with this ability already built